Liz Kisner

Yoga Teacher

Liz attended her first yoga class as an elective while earning her B.A. in English and Minor in Professional Writing at Ohio State University. After spending several years working as a corporate content writer, she was drawn to explore other possibilities, and remembered how strong she felt after a semester of yoga in college. In 2017, Liz became certified through Yoga on High in her hometown of Columbus, Ohio. She knew that she wanted to teach yoga full-time, and followed this dream all the way to Denver, Colorado. She worked at CorePower Yoga headquarters, and accumulated over 1,000 hours of experience teaching Vinyasa, Hot, Sculpt, Restorative, and Chair yoga classes during her time out West. In 2019, Liz relocated to Greensboro, North Carolina with her husband, Drew, and their three furry roommates. Liz continues to teach full-time, and hopes to share with her students the freedom that yoga has afforded her.