Kristin Richmond

Yoga Teacher

Kristin Richmond  shares the power of yoga as a tool for embodied transformation. She believes that when we slow down and stay curious about movement, breath, and stillness, we can tap into an intuitive practice that grows and evolves with us for years to come.

Following a nudge from a friend, Kristin found yoga over 10 years ago while navigating waves of grief from a devastating loss. With the help of books and videos, she practiced in her living room and immediately fell in love with the flow of vinyasa. Moving in this way felt like a dance that connected her to her body, quieted her thoughts, and reignited her childhood love of play.

Kristin has gratefully had many teachers along her path and chose to deepen her studies at Blue Lotus Yoga in Raleigh, NC during the Fall of 2016. Humbly rooted in her work of self-study and the inspiration she derives from nature, Kristin weaves diverse themes of tantra, astrology, and ayurvedic principles into her classes, which are creative for the body, challenging for the mind, and awakening for the soul.

Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars. ~ Serbian Proverb