Abigail Mosley

Yoga Teacher

Abigail Mosley, lovingly called Abby by most, earned her RYT 200 certification in 2022 with
Stream of Consciousness Yoga after several years of practicing yoga throughout her
undergraduate career. As a student, she was blessed to have a teacher at Bennett College who
reintroduced yoga to her as a practice of connecting more deeply to one’s authentic, true self.

Over the years, Abby has both sought refuge on and run from her mat, as it’s a place where she
simultaneously feels the most vulnerable and the most in her power. With this awareness in
mind, she holds space for all who attend her classes.

Whether vinyasa, hatha, or restorative, Abby aims to create a safe, accessible container for students to explore their mind/body/spirit connection, to deepen their breath, to equally grow strong and learn to surrender. When she’s not on her mat, Abby works as a community and labor organizer, and enjoys reading at coffee shops in Greensboro.

Life owes me nothing and still I will give it my all.